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збт ключ battle souls
16 февраля 2016 - 21:24 #1
Coop-Мастер   Сообщений: 62 , Симпатий: 1 , Трофеев: 10

There is a public playtest once a week on:

-> Tuesdays at 20:00 CET <-

For now the servers are only up at this time

We would really like for you to use forum over on http://battlesouls.com/forum/ if you have any thoughts/suggestions/comments and so on

There is also a feedback button in the game you can use for a direct feedback form

See you for the playtest:

TUESDAY at 20:00 CET! :)
от плюсиков не откажусь=)
17 февраля 2016 - 01:24 #2
Sagarmatha   Сообщений: 3094 , Симпатий: 549 , Трофеев: 30
Есть специальная тема, закрыто.
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