Play The Walking Dead free on Iphone and Ipad
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The walking dead is coming according to IGN NEWS: (click this link on your phone to get your free code) . Are you ready to download free?

But the free Walking Dead is only Available for iPhone, iPad, iPod and touch. It's a good news for you if you are holding these devices.You can download the game from APP store free with a code. click get code as the shown in the following picture.

If you are living in US, you can get the code without any problem. You will be guided to APP Store to download the game after you clicked the code. Have downloaded the game now? Ok, play it.

If you are living outside US,you are unfortunate to see the following:
Only USA Citizen can free download this game.(It seems that American people have more privileges). Whereas, Geographic restriction is no longer exist in this world nowadays especially on the NET. You can get USA IP easily by using Flyvpn.

Flyvpn offers free VPN account for all of you. The free vpn account can be used by the same ip three times one day and every time for 20 minutes.You have to pay much attention that the free password will be changed automatically every several minutes so you need to keep refreshing the free trial page for getting the newest password. Don't be bothered by this step because you will excited when you connect flyvpn and changed your ip successfully.

You need to go to APP store to register a new account after you connected USA IP successfully on you iPhone becuase app store only recognize US identity. Then open to get the code.

You don't know how to set flyvpn on your iphone?
I have the setup tutorial,of course. Go through this guidance:

Simply speaking, if you are living outside USA just following the steps:

1. connect flyvpn free account.
2. register a new account on APP store.
3. get the game code.
4. click the game code. you will be guided to app store.
5. download the game in app store.
6. start play

If you think this article helps you a lot on downloading the Walking Dead free, don't forget to tell your friends.

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чтобы играть в бесплатный "The Walking Dead",большинство человек любит играть в бесплатную игру
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ни у кого ключика не завалялось? в пм если имеется ненужный
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@malinafeng, Оформи тему нормально!
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@vanzikas, Соглашусь! Это русский сайт/форум, так что надо писать по русски, плюс для игр от игн существует тема!
Сообщение отредактировал DJMisha 15 июля 2014 - 21:55
{-(,,,_[ +'='+ ]_,,,)-}
._. \.. |: /: .-. ..\ :| :/ .__. @=@

"Я Ам, из Амбриджа"
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@DJMisha, ты же сам пишешь по-английски, причем криво cerealguy
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